Gold Daisy Awards - Voting Open - Win a $25 Gift Card

Standings Updated 6/17/21

June 9, 2021

Voting is now open for the 2021 Macaroni Kid Medina Gold Daisy Awards! Tell us  YOUR go-to choices to entertain, enrich, and exhaust your kids! Scroll to bottom for current standings.

Cast your vote today for your favorite place for fun, lessons, health care provider, restaurant, and more! You will be helping area families find the best local businesses — plus it is a FUN way to highlight what makes Medina County a fabulous place to live, shop, eat, and play!

What's In It For The Businesses?
We will announce the winners of each category in an upcoming issue in July. All winning businesses will be entered into a drawing to win a one month advertising package from Macaroni Kid Medina! All winning businesses will receive a 2021 Macaroni Kid Gold Daisy Awards certificate to display at their place of business, and the honor of knowing that local Medina County area families think they are the greatest! Are you a business owner? Feel free to promote this contest to your loyal customers on your own customer lists, website, and social media!

 Only one vote per email address. Duplicate votes will not be counted.


Current Standings as of June 17, 2021

Best Festival:

  1. Medina County Fair
  2. Medina Ice Festival
  3. Brunswick Summer Celebration
  4. Kids Day of Safety and Play
  5. Valley City Street Fair

Best Indoor Play Center

  1. High Voltage Indoor Karting
  2. Rinky Dink
  3. Kathryn's Craft Closet
  4. Alien Vacation Mini Golf
  5. Jurassic Mountain

Best Place for Outdoor Fun

  1. Rinky Dink
  2. Mugrage Park
  3. Island Time
  4. Buzzard Cove

Best Art Class

  1. All Fired Up! Medina
  2. Kathryn's Kraft Closet
  3. Sand and Lace Gallery
  4. Medina Rec Center
  5. Artventure Studios

Best Dance Class

  1. Medina Centre for Dance Art
  2. Ignite Dance
  3. Elite Dance
  4. Art in Motion
  5. Dancexcel

Best Gymnastics Studio

  1. Pinnacle Gymnastics
  2. Five Star
  3. Dominique Moceanu Gymnastics Center
  4. Buckeye Activity Center
  5. Medina Gymnastics Academy

Best Martial Arts Studio

  1. Tracy's Karate
  2. Kim's College of Martial Arts
  3. Kisner's American Karate
  4. Asian Sun

Best Music Class

  1. Woodsy's
  2. Sarah's Violin Studio
  3. Rettig Music

Best Swim Lessons

  1. Medina Rec Center
  2. Brunswick Rec Center
  3. Ledge Pool
  4. Falling Oaks
  5. Old Mill Village

Best Frozen Treats

  1. Honey Hut
  2. Handels
  3. Chill
  4. Z's Cream and Bean

Best Pizza

  1. Ohio Pie
  2. Samosky's
  3. Courthouse
  4. Great American Pizza Co

Best Children's Consignment

  1. Pete & Polly
  2. Queen Bee's Closet
  3. Kids Korner

Best Toy Store

  1. Sweets and Geeks
  2. Funtastic Toyz
  3. Sir Troy's
  4. Smartickles

Best Children's Resale Event

  1. The Big Red Wagon
  2. Rhea Lana's

Best Daycare

  1. Bumblebee Village
  2. Harmony Preschool
  3. Lafayette School House
  4. 1st Friends Learning Academy

Best Kids Haircuts

  1. Cookie Cutters
  2. Embrace Salon

Best Preschool

  1. Bumblebee Village
  2. Harmony
  3. Medina Weekday
  4. Hobby Horse
  5. Lafayette School House

Best Children's Entertainer

  1. Danimal Clown
  2. Nate the Great
  3. Imagine that Parties

Best Party Venue

  1. Scene75
  2. Kathryn's Craft Closet
  3. Island Time
  4. Rinky Dink
  5. Jurassic Mountain

Best Orthodontist

  1. Mellion Orthodontics
  2. Pfister
  3. Karbassi

Best Pediatric Dentist

  1. Brunswick Kidds
  2. Medina Pediatric Dentistry
  3. Keystone
  4. Hendricks
  5. South Court Dental

Best Special Needs Service

  1. Medina County Board of DD
  2. Spokes Cafe
  3. Ferrell Whited Physical Therapy
  4. Catalyst Farm

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