Pet Foster Homes Needed!

By Leanne Montgomery May 20, 2021

This photo was taken last week of a pup named Philip.  See the snow on the toy Philip is about to get? He is just standing there waiting for it to picked up and thrown.  Yes, it’s snowing and it’s cold. This is the situation that a dog without a foster home lives in while waiting for someone to step up and foster. Currently he is in our holding facility waiting for that nice warm home.  He is warm, well fed and let out to potty and play, but it’s not home. So here is our plea, and not necessarily for him - WE NEED FOSTER HOMES.  If he is not the kind of dog that would fit into your family, but you would like to foster, please contact us and we will find one that works for your home. There are thousands of dogs out there waiting to be adopted and taken home. But most of them will sit in the shelter unless a rescue steps up to help them find forever home, and a rescue like us cannot step up unless they have a foster home for the dog.  All you need is some time, love, patience and a place for them to stay.  We provide absolutely everything from the cage, to the toys, down to the food. The only thing that may be asked of you is to take the dog to a vet appointment if needed and show them some love.  Please step up and consider fostering.  There’s nothing more rewarding than sending that foster out to its' forever home.  Please contact us at if you would like to find out more about fostering.  Thank you.