A Note From Your Publisher: May 20, 2021

May 20, 2021

Hi There Macaroni Kid Readers,

Wow, it really seems like all of a sudden everything is coming back to life, doesn't it? Since the governor announced that all health orders will be lifted June 2, community events are just popping up all over the place! Outdoor movies, concerts, festivals - everything we missed out on last year is making a huge comeback and I am so excited to be filling up our event calendar just like pre-covid days. It is such a great feeling, coming out of that winter that was long and dark in more ways than an Ohio winter usually is.

The Gold Daisy Award nominations have begun! It is time to nominate your favorite Medina county businesses - you have a chance to win a gift card! Click here for details and to nominate.

We need your help! We are compiling a list of 101 free and cheap things to do in the summer in Medina county. We would love your ideas (that's a lot of things to think of!). If you feel like sharing some of your family's favorite summer things to do in town, please email me at

Help wanted!

We are looking for a local resident who would be interested in a part-time job with Macaroni Kid Medina. We currently need help for about 4-5 hours a month, with the potential for more hours in the future. The ideal candidate has excellent computer skills and is passionate about our community. This is a remote position. If you would like to learn more, please send me a message at the address above.

Have a great week!