Wildflower Nature Play at Catalyst Farm

August 18, 2021

What is Wildflower?

The short answer: Wildflower provides children with an opportunity to play freely in nature - like we usedto in the good ol' days! Our farm setting offers children the chance to use their imaginations, get dirty, andtry new things. If your child would enjoy running with goats, climbing fences and trees, building forts, andeating sugar snaps fresh off the vine, then they are perfect Wildflower material!

The long answer: With all of the expectations placed on our children these days, it’s easy to see thatthey are not getting enough time to just be kids. Studies show that the lack of free play, specifically innature, is leading to an increase in negative behaviors and a decrease in school readiness. You might bethinking, “my child plays sports, so he/she gets plenty of play time.” While that may be true, and sportsoffer many physical and mental benefits, such as strength building, teamwork, and discipline, free playoffers a different kind of benefit. In sports, the children must follow the rules and complete tasks in specificways. Children need to be able to play with no rules or expectations. They need to be free to makedecisions, make mistakes, and take chances! Wildflower utilizes the farm setting to provide children withthe opportunity to use all of their senses, be silly and carefree, and use their imagination.

At Wildflower, our goal is to create well rounded children who, like wildflowers, can grow and thrive anywhere!

We offer year round programming - from one time camps for all ages to school year programs forpreschoolers. For registration information, visit our website ( or FB page(@CFwildflower). You can also contact our office at 330-800-6000 or